Our goal is to reduce as much unnecessary waste as possible. Single-use packaging is always a problem when being a producer of consumer goods. Therefore, we try hard to make the packaging an integral part of the product – that isn’t something you throw away.

All our wood and paper products are FSC certified. A Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) Chain of Custody certification verifies that the wood used in the products comes from responsible forestry, controlled sources, or recycled material. 

FSC is a non-profit organization founded in 1990. It supports social and environmentally responsible usage of the forests of the world. The systems for certification of forestry and tracing are recognized globally, and the interest is increasing. Companies using wood- or paper products in their business have noticed the responsibility for the origin of the products and that they are produced responsibly. Chain of custody is the way that the raw material has taken from deforestation in FSC-certified forestry, to production, distribution, and printing, until the final product reaches the consumers.
PRINTWORKS wants to contribute to sustainable social development. We should have high ambitions, and we are a company that is working actively for a sustainable society. Environmental policies are the minimum in our work in sustainability. By continuously decreasing our negative effect on the environment, we work with:

Purchasing of products and services
We choose products and services from companies with an active focus on sustainability and offer environmentally labeled and locally produced products. All our suppliers follow our ETR Policy with guidance in the field of the environment. We ship 98% of our sold products by boat rather than by airplane to reduce emissions from our supply chain.