Welcome to PRINTWORKS - a Swedish brand founded in 2017, proudly curating functional decorations and everyday objects that brings friends and family together. Embracing the essence of Scandinavian design, we bring you a captivating range of coffee table photo albums, board games, puzzles, portable lamps, and other beautiful home decor items that elevate your living spaces.

With Love,
Patrik & Annette, PRINTWORKS Founders


We are on a mission to lead the way in creating something that we proudly refer to as Functional Decoration. To put it simply, we're reinventing items that typically remain tucked away in drawers, transforming them into beautifully designed pieces people are enthusiastic to display in their homes as personal interior details.


In today's digital age, where we spend countless hours connected online, our vision is to foster real human connections. We aim to inspire people to unplug and spend joyful moments together. As our products grace your living spaces with their beautiful design, they become cherished pieces that touch your heart at the same time. Whether it's coming together for board games, creating personal coffee table photo albums, or unwind in creative art sessions with our supplies, we invite you to reconnect with the meaningful aspects of life.


At PRINTWORKS, one of our core values is minimizing waste, and we firmly believe in crafting products that will find a lasting place in people's homes. Single-use packaging is a persistent issue for consumer goods producers. Therefore, we invest significant effort in making packaging an integral part of our products. It's not something you throw away upon delivery - instead, the packaging's design featuring beautiful palettes and typography enhances your interior, becoming a perfect detail.

From Stockholm with Love,

Printworks Team